Nature routes

Guided nature routes

From September to May we organize itineraries and guided routes through the Sierra de Andújar. Most of our clients come to see the Iberian lynx, which is the star in this area. However, no less fascinating are the sightings of other animal and plant species of the Mediterranean forest.

Our goal during the routes is to offer a pleasant and relaxed experience so that you can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We also tell about how different ecosystems function and the influence that man exerts on them.

The routes are for people of all ages and with different levels of knowledge of nature. In line with our way of living, our tours are sustainable, promote local development and follow an ethical code of conduct.

We travel in a 4X4 vehicle. We carry orientation material such as flora and fauna guides and use optical material such as a telescope.

The routes are a half-day (approximately 5 hours) or a full-day (approximately 9 hours). We can also organize customized routes for groups or individuals.

Send us an e-mail to for more information about the guided routes.

Impressive biodiversity

The landscape of Sierra de Andújar gives you the feeling that it has not changed in hundreds of years. It is full of holm oaks, cork oaks, stone pines and Mediterranean scrub, sometimes adorned with characteristic granite boulders.

You can find here all Andalusian carnivores and it is a very good place to see the Iberian lynx, the Spanish imperial eagle and the black vulture, species in danger of extinction. Otter, mongoose, red deer, fallow deer and some bat species can also frequently be observed.

In the area, there are 15 species of amphibians and at least 20 species of native reptiles. These animals are difficult to see, but there is a good chance of seeing the leprous pond turtle, ladder snake, long-tailed lizard, ocellated lizard, Iberian midwife toad, natterjack toad and pygmy newt.

There is also an immense number of beautiful insects to observe.

The birds

The Sierra de Andújar is also a very good place for bird watching. The large number of pairs of the Spanish imperial eagle that nest in these mountains, makes the area one of the best and most accessible places in Spain to see this species. Equally well, you can see golden eagle, black vulture, griffon vulture, booted eagle, short-toed eagle, goshawk and sparrow hawk.

Other interesting bird species to observe are little owl, eagle owl, azure-winged magpie, golden oriole, great spotted cuckoo, rock bunting, hoopoe, bee-eater, Iberian green woodpecker, blue rock thrush, black starling and different Mediterranean warblers.

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