Nature Education Centre

We welcome groups interested in nature activities and training. We offer tours through the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park and there are several workshops.

Our primary objective is to promote attitudes of conservation and admiration for nature in a framework of respectful and sustainable coexistence.


We have developed an Environmental Education Program for Primary and Secondary Education schools. They carry out one-day visits. The students explore interesting areas of the Sierra de Andújar on foot and participate in workshops and educational games. Each school group has the possibility of choosing between different activity programs.

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Villa Matilde also offers

Courses, such as vegetarian cooking, yoga, massage, medicinal plants, natural cosmetics, organic garden and beekeeping.

We also organize environmental volunteering projects in the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park.

Natural Cosmetics and Medicinal Plants Course

The course is mainly practical. We have a walk through the woods to learn about different aromatic and medicinal plants in their natural environment. We will talk about traditional uses, cultivation and transformation of plants and the substances used to make natural products. In this course, we make a cream, a moisturizing gel and a cough syrup.

actividades rurales

Volunteer projects

As a Nature Education Centre, we organize volunteer projects in collaboration with the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park and the Camino Sierra Morena Association. An example is the “Natural Sanctuary” campaign that we started in 2006. The campaign encourages sustainable use of the Natural Park by visitors of the Virgen de la Cabeza pilgrimage, which takes place the last weekend of April. We train the volunteers in conservation activities and communication techniques.

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