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The Sierra de Andujar is a beautiful scenic patchwork of holm and cork oak woods, pinewoods and Mediterranean scrubland, sometimes dotted with curious groups of round granite outcrops locally called "bolos".
This area is one of the best known to birdwatchers and naturalists in the whole Sierra Morena. You can find Andalucia's entire list of carnivores and it is a good area to spot the threatened Iberian lynx, otter, Egyptian mongoose, fallow and red deer.

Sierra de Andujar is also a great spot for birdwatching. The remarkably high density of Spanish Imperial Eagle breeding pairs make this area one of the best and most accessible spots in the whole of Spain for watching this species. The golden eagle, griffon vulture, black vulture, booted eagle and short-toed eagle are almost equally easy to see. Other birds that one can possibly see, are: little owl, golden oriol, great spotted Cuckoo, black stork, azure-winged magpie, spotless starling, bee-eater, red-rumped swallow, Iberian green woodpecker, blue rock thrush, rock bunting, subalpine and sardinian warbler.

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