Villa Matilde is located in the region Andalucia, north of the city of Andújar. The estate is easily reachable by car.
The area offers much to see and experience for nature lovers, admirers of architecture, and cultural connoisseurs. The typical architecture of churches and monuments found in Andújar give one the feeling of being in the Middle Ages. Other cities in Southern Spain, such as Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada and Málaga are easy to reach from Villa Matilde.

There is much to discover in and around Villa Matilde, particularly for those that enjoy folk stories from the past. According to legend, the Virgin from La Cabeza appeared in 1227 before a shepherd from Granada who was tending his sheep in the mountains of Andújar. Every year the inhabitants in and around Andújar organise a procession to celebrate this wonder. The Virgin of La Cabeza is mentioned in the works of great writers such as Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca. Even Villa Matilde played a local role during the Spanish War - you can still see the bullet holes in the outside wall.

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