The two of us met in Holland in 1982 and lived in Amsterdam till we moved to Spain, except for one year, when we travelled though Africa and lived in Guinea Bissau.

We came to Andalusia in 1999 to run a B&B and a nature education centre. With help from many friends we were able to buy this fantastic place and start a new ecologically-friendly life.
We have got an organic garden, some animals (donkeys, chickens, bees, dogs and cats) and like to live from as much as nature offers us. We make our own bread, marmalades, yoghurt, preserve food, grow vegetables, fruit and olives, have honey from our bees and make our own oils and ointments with medicinal plants. It is not always easy to combine being ecological with running a business, but we try to do our best.

We have two fantastic daughters, Aisa and Mila, who give us a hand whenever they can. They are glad to have lived in such an exciting city as Amsterdam as well as in a healthy and natural place as Villa Matilde.

We enjoy sharing our way of living and our knowledge and love for the area with the people whom we receive. We could tell about so many things, but the best way is for people to come and experience them themselves.