"I was born and bred in Delft (Holland). I began my professional life as a sports teacher, but since 1994 I work as a physiotherapist. At Villa Matilde, I am the cook and handyman and take care of the animals we have. Now and then I give our clients a massage or Reiki treatment and try to get rid of their stress.
My hobbies are enjoying nature, hiking and travelling."

"I was born in Zamora (Spain). My parents emigrated to Holland when I was four and I lived there till 1999. I studied first Translation and then Biology and worked as a biology teacher and policy consultant for the Dutch government. At Villa Matilde I run our nature education centre, give courses and organize excursions and activities for people of all ages. For four years I enjoyed working in the lynx conservation program in Andalusia.
I feel that there are so many exciting things to do in life, but I would say that enjoying wildlife, cooking and pottery are the things I like best."

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